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Package development

Learn about PHP package development and how to add custom functionality to your BIIGLE installation by developing your own modules.

Advanced package development

Learn how to add new views and routes with a custom package and how to properly test them using the BIIGLE testing environment.

Using custom assets in packages

Learn how to handle custom assets like CSS and JavaScript in addition to the defaults provided by the core application.

Mastering view mixins

Building your custom extensions is nice but what about extending the extensions? Learn how to use the view mixin registry of BIIGLE, allowing other modules to extend yours.


You may access most of the functionality of this application using the RESTful API. Most of the API requires user authentication via session cookie (being logged in to the website) but it is also available for external requests using a personal API token. You can manage your API tokens in the user settings.

The API works with form (x-www-form-urlencoded) as well as JSON requests. For form requests, you can use method spoofing to use different HTTP methods. For the complete documentation, check out the link below.

RESTful API documentation


The server application is written in PHP using the Laravel framework. Have a look at their excellent documentation for further information. For the class reference and API documentation, check out the link below.

Laravel allows a modular application design using custom packages (or modules). In fact, the core of this application doesn't provide much more than user and database management as well as the RESTful API. Any additional functionality is added by a new module.

We encourage you to add functionality by developing your own modules! There are some resources on package development in the Laravel documentation but we have some tutorials here as well.

Server API documentation