back Shortcuts

A list of all available shortcut keys in the video annotation tool.

Key Function
Arrow left Previous video
Arrow right Next video
+ Zoom the video to the original resolution
- Zoom to show the whole video
Space Play/pause the video
1 - 9 Select favourite label 1-9
Tab Show/hide the current sidebar tab
a Select the point annotation tool
s Select the rectangle annotation tool
d Select the circle annotation tool
f Select the line string annotation tool
g Select the polygon annotation tool
e Select the polygon brush tool
r Select the polygon eraser tool
t Select the polygon fill tool
h Select the whole frame annotation tool
m Select the tool to move selected annotations
l Select tool to attach labels to existing annotations
Shift+l Select tool to swap labels of existing annotations
Enter Finish the video annotation that is currently drawn
Shift+Mouse left Select multiple annotation at the same time
Del Delete all selected annotations/keyframes
Esc Cancel current action
e.g. drawing or moving an annotation

When the video labels tab is open:

Key Function
Enter Attach the currently selected label to the current video