This is the application manual of BIIGLE. Here you can find tutorials and videos on how to use the application as well as the developer documentation and API.


Learn more about the different functions and tools of BIIGLE for an efficient workflow.

Account settings

Learn how you can manage your user account.


View and manage BIIGLE notifications in the notification center.


Learn what projects are and how to manage them.

Label Trees

About Label Trees

Learn what label trees are and how you can manage them.

Manage Labels

Larn how to create, modify or delete labels of a label tree.

Annotation Catalog

The annotation catalog shows you all annotations with a certain label.


Volume overview

The volume overview allows you to explore all images that belong to a volume.

Remote volumes

With remote volumes you can use images from your own data source in BIIGLE.

Annotation sessions

Annotation sessions can be used to conduct scientific studies.

Image metadata

Upload image metadata to add information that can't be extracted from the images.

Image Labels

Image labels are labels that are attached to whole images.


Getting Started

A quick introduction to the annotation tool.

Creating Annotations

Learn about all the tools that are available to create new annotations.

Editing Annotations

Learn about all the tools to modify or delete existing annotations.

Navigating Images

Learn about advanced ways to navigate the images in the annotation tool.


All sidebar tabs of the annotation tool explained.


A list of all available shortcut keys in the annotation tool.

URL Parameters

Advanced configuration of the annotation tool.


The Label Review Grid Overview and what you can do with it.

Reports schema

A description of the file formats of the different available reports.

Volume map

The volume map shows the locations of images on a world map.

Laser point detection

The automatic laser point detection is used to determine the visual footprint of images.

Annotation assistance requests

Learn how to ask any person for advice on the label of an annotation.

Developer Documentation

BIIGLE consists of different modules, each of which provides their own set of functions. Here you can find the developer documentation of each module that this instance has installed.


The BIIGLE core provides the basic functions and framework for each instance. This documentation also describes how to use the API or develop custom BIIGLE modules.