back Shortcuts

A list of all available shortcut keys in the image annotation tool.

Key Function
Arrow left Previous image
Arrow right, Space Next image
+ Zoom the image to the original resolution
- Zoom to show the whole image
1 - 9 Select favourite label 1-9
Tab Show/hide the current sidebar tab
o Toggle the annotation opactiy between 0.0 and 1.0
a Select the point annotation tool
s Select the rectangle annotation tool
d Select the circle annotation tool
Shift+d Select the ellipse annotation tool
f Select the line string annotation tool
Shift+f Select the ruler tool
g Select the polygon annotation tool
Shift+g Select the magic wand annotation tool
e Select the polygon brush tool
r Select the polygon eraser tool
t Select the polygon fill tool
m Select the tool to move selected annotations
l Select tool to attach labels to existing annotations
Shift+Mouse left Select multiple annotation at the same time
Del Delete all selected annotations
Backspace Delete the last drawn annotation
Esc Cancel current action
e.g. drawing or moving an annotation

When Volare (cycle through annotations) is activated:

Key Function
Arrow left Previous annotation
Arrow right, Space Next annotation
Enter Attach the currently selected label
to the current annotation

When Lawnmower Mode (cycle through image sections) is activated:

Key Function
Arrow left Previous section
Arrow right, Space Next section

When the random/regular sampling annotation modes are activated:

Key Function
Arrow left Previous sample location
Arrow right, Space Next sample location
Enter Create an annotation with the currently selected
label at the current sample location