back Editing Annotations

Learn about all the tools to modify or delete existing annotations.

The annotation tool offers several ways to edit or delete existing annotations. Most of these functions you can find in the toolbar at the bottom:

Modify Annotations

To modify an annotation, select it with a click. Now every time you hover your cursor over a coordinate of the annotation that can be modified a dot is displayed. Grab this dot with the mouse and drag it to modify the annotation.

Move Annotations

To move an annotation as a whole, activate the move annotations tool in the toolbar. Next, select the annotation to move with a click. Now you are able to drag this annotation as a whole to a new position.

Attach Labels

This tool allows you to attach new labels to existing annotations. This can be useful if another user already annotated an object and you want to confirm (or question) the label that the other user attached to the annotation. To attach a label, select the label from the label trees tab in the sidebar, activate the attach labels tool and then click on the annotation you want to attach the label to.

Detach Labels

You can see all labels attached to an annotation if you select the annotation (click on it) and open the annotations tab in the sidebar. To detach a label from an annotation, click on the "×" symbol next to your name. Note that the whole annotation will be deleted if you detach its last label.

Delete Annotations

To delete an annotation, select it and press the delete annotations button in the toolbar. You can also delete multiple annotations in one go. You might have noticed that the delete annotations button changes to the undo button if you have drawn a new annotation. Press this button to delete the annotation you've just created even if you didn't select it first.