back Image metadata

Upload image metadata to add information that can't be extracted from the images.

BIIGLE supports image metadata like the date and time of creation or the geo coordinates of an image. Every time a new image volume is created, BIIGLE attempts to automatically read the metadata from the EXIF information of JPEG files. This doesn't work if the images have another format than JPEG or simply don't have the metadata stored in their EXIF information.

In this case you can upload an image metadata file. The file should be a CSV file with , as delimiter, " as enclosure and \ as escape characters. The following columns are supported:

Column Description
filename The filename of the image the metadata belongs to.
taken_at The date and time where the image was taken. Example: 2016-12-19 12:49:00
lng Longitude where the image was taken in decimal form. If this column is present, lat must be present, too. Example: 52.3211
lat Latitude where the image was taken in decimal form. If this column is present, lng must be present, too. Example: 28.775
gps_altitude Altitude where the image was taken in meters. Negative for below sea level. Example: -1500.5
distance_to_ground Distance to the sea floor in meters. Example: 30.25
area Area shown by the image in square meters. Example: 2.6
yaw The yaw/heading in degrees of the underwater vehicle. 0° yaw should be north. Example: 180
The filename column must always be present.


image_1.png,2016-12-19 17:09:00,52.112,28.001,-1500.5,30.25,2.6
image_2.png,2016-12-19 17:09:31,52.215,28.501,-1502.5,28.25,2.1

The image metadata CSV file can be uploaded by volume admins on the volume edit page that you can reach with the button of the volume overview.